Playing World of Warcraft on Mobile

When you head over to Google, or any Search Engine that you use, if you do a search for playing Warcraft on a mobile device, ISO or Android, you get a host of options, even an article saying that Blizzard did at one point played with the idea of playing World of Warcraft on mobile.

So the first thing you might be thinking, is this an April Fool’s joke? No it’s not and yes while I know what today is, I wanted to party share this today to trick some people, as who will really read the bold part and to share this with people who are like me; have very limited time to play.

For me I play the auction house and right now I’m in the middle of starting an epic glyph wall. This wall is going to be two deep, 6 and 6 of each; while I’ll leave the details of what I’m doing with that wall to another post, the reason why today’s post is a big deal because I had to buyout all the herbs, I pretty much went from 110k to 80k within a few hours of buying herbs. I didn’t care what price, I just pick up everything there was at the time and then some.

Since yesterday and into today I’ve been milling and crafting inks, getting ready to start the first wave of my wall hopefully tonight if not tomorrow before I go back to work. The honest part about this was, I wasn’t even at my computer while milling.

Sadly right now I don’t have any good screenshots to show or even prove that I was doing this, but I was and I’ll tell you how you can do this. The first thing to know that you can only do this at home, or within your network or Wifi.

Step 1. Go download the app RD Client.

Step 2. On your PC, make sure you enable Remote Access connection.

Step 3. On your mobile smart phone, start RD Client, enter your PC name and username and password and connect.

You can now open World of Warcraft from your phone.

Pretty sweet isn’t? There are a number of guides online on how to set up RD Client. I want to point out that there are a number of ways and likely better options to use remote desktop on your smart phone to access the game (or any other app on your computer) for me it was a little slow and choppy, but that was alright because all I was using it for was milling.

As I said there are other options out there, but RD Client doesn’t require me to install anything or have anything on my PC running, the PC itself just has to be running. The screen was slow and choppy at time, but I run a laptop with low space and issue. On a good running gaming PC, I’m sure the connection would be fine. I’m using a S4 Rooted 16GB version for my smart phone, so results for you might be better or worst.

Today I had things to do with my family, cooking and what not, so I basically every chance I had would have my phone up, and was stabbing the screen. You don’t have to worry about this being against the Terms of Service for the game, because I had the game opened on my PC and I was touching the screen for the keystroke was one press pre-action. Which is the rule, so don’t worry about that.

I don’t recommend using this to do anything more than that unless you’re using a better option than what I’m using and have a better PC and stronger WiFi Connection. I plan on making a video to showcase this fully hopefully in the next few days; hopefully a quick video tomorrow. That’s all I have for you today and if you have any questions or better options, please share them in the comments below.


A Change in Pace

I haven’t been very active on here and the honest truth was I wasn’t playing the game anymore and the time I could have to play or write have gone elsewhere. Let me explain as this is going to affect the course this website is now going to be heading. In the last year I’ve been going through a bunch of changes in my life, at one point in my life I weight 405lbs, I was living at home, I didn’t have a job, I made very little money doing web design for friends here and there and the bulk of my time was spent sleeping or playing WoW.

A time for change
In 2012 some of you might remember that I was pushing to make Hunter Mastery very big, my goal at the time was to be the go-to-guide for gold making for hunters, sort of the niche I wanted to focus on. But that all changed in the middle of the beta for Mist, in fact in was pretty early on that I decided I was going to be moving at the end of the summer. As a result I ended up leaving in August of 2012 missing out on the release of Mist and for the next year, now going into 2014 I’ve pretty much missed out playing Mist. Honestly in the past I would have been upset about it, because the game was my life; but it was also killing it.

I wrote some really good posts which I wanted to leave the blog as it was and move forward with my life. There were some times that I did decided to return to the game and wrote some posts here and there. Honestly it didn’t last as you can see.

So where does this led?
This lends us to here, now. I’ve started to play the game again, on a 60 day prepaid card that as fate would have it, my girlfriend got me which I really thought she didn’t like me playing. I misunderstood what she had met. It wasn’t that she didn’t want me to enjoy my hobbit, she didn’t want it to kill me.

I’ve started a new project that’s going to work around my life, I have some major changes coming to the website here, and I’m going to focus more on my path in life with wow than my path in wow. Sounds strange but in the coming weeks you’ll understand. the focus of gold making and hunters will not change, but the way I play and write about it will.


A Changing World of Warcraft

One of the major effects any game has is the path it takes to not only apply changes needed to bring in new players but what happens to the current player base and those who left. How do we get them back? How do you keep current players without causing issues?

This is the question Blizzard has to deal with when they release a new expansion for World of Warcraft. Having new features is fun but the amount of time required to reach level cap really causing an issue to bring in new players. I myself have had an issue staying in the game myself as my game time has ended and while I do have a 3 month game card, I’m not planning on using it till Warlords of Draenor comes out.

How will this affect gold making? How will it affect my class? In the past some changes have pushed me away from the game, for example the changes they’ve done to hunters such as when they removed readiness from the game. There are many questions and changes coming to the game, honestly I’m thrilled and still not sure how the whole instant level 90 will sell the game.

This is the first time they haven’t given us a new race or class, I was for sure they would do a Hero Class this time around. I suppose in order for Blizzard to add either or again they would have to do something about the character slots. With the cross realms going on now and merged servers I wouldn’t be shocked if in the future they make it so you can have the max number allowed total (currently 50 toons) on one server.


Hunting Party Podcast Ends

Yesterday January 18th 20014 was episode 200 of the Hunting Party Podcast and their final episode. I have to say that I personally feel that with all of this, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything and thinking about just hanging in the towel myself. First I want to say that the Hunting Party Podcast did a great number of things for the hunter community and I, it was always a dream of mine to one day be a guest on the Hunting Party Podcast but it seems with the very last episode airing already that dream quickly faded away.

I know personally that I haven’t been very active and most of that has come to lack of playing the game or even finding the drive to play these days. It’s very hard to find the time to play when there is so much more to be done in life. Someday at some point the game will end and a new MMORPG will be all the rage and World of Warcraft will be a memory, good or bad. I personally will have many good ones, this website being one of the bigger ones.

Let’s take a moment and look back the last 200 episodes, I personally was there for many of them as a listener and did get a few of my questions answers back in the day. I’m very proud that I got the honor to raid with all three of the hosts before the WHU guild and the cross-realm feature was added to the game.

Back in Wrath of the Lich King, right around the time that the very first WHU guild was coming about, I moved servers to Icecrown where I was lucky enough to get into at the time Frostheim’s guild who was actively raiding. I believe I join his guild in the spring if anything it was about 2-3 months before the WHU guild was born. I had the honor to chat with not only Frostheim but other members and raided a few times with them as well as do 5-mans and took part in their guild events. They were all awesome to me and I learn most of what I know as a hunter from those days. Sadly it was short live when I left the game a short time after that for 3 months due to personal issues in my life.

When I returned to the game, I went horde for the end of Wrath; this also marked the end of my hunter’s name being Wolzord and becoming Focushot. That was when I had the honor to know Euripides and the Call to Auction podcast which is what lead me to the Hunting Party Podcast. I had the honor from the middle of Cata to the end to raid with both Euripides and Darkbrew and not just raid but do a bunch of other guild events.

I’m really going to miss those days, while I understand why the podcast ended and not only that the WHU website will also be shutdown (no longer being updated after next week). I had so many memories that I’m thinking about writing some posts about them if anyone wants to hear about them, I’d be more than happy to posts them. Just leave a comment down below or tweet me @HunterMastery. To the podcast both the hosts, their guest and listeners, it was fun and amazing and it’s really sad to see you go. Maybe one day I’ll be able to start my own podcast (again) officially and have them on as a guest. Until then, keep on hunting!


Hitting the Gold Cap

Today’s topic was rather hard to name or to focus down on what subject I wanted to cover, I’ve been looking around the web on other blogs to get some ideas on what to talk about. I’ll be honest that I don’t spend too much time within the gold making community or even the hunter community areas.

Unlike other bloggers I don’t have much time reading other bloggers or worry about what they are doing. I don’t have a rivalry with anyone else to create ‘drama’ to build readership or traffic. I don’t comment on other blogs, take part on any forums and I’m hardly on twitter these days.

So I had to ask myself an important question: Am I still relevant?

It was a big question I asked myself when I decided to make a comeback about a month ago. I’ve been trying to bring content that readers will enjoy. The one thing I don’t want to ever do is write content after content with no feeling behind it. So you might be wondering what I’ve been doing the last few weeks.

Gold Making

I’ve sometimes asked myself if people don’t take what I write serious because I haven’t hit any sort of gold cap. Right now the gold cap is one million gold. I’ve been rather fearful to really put in the work and hit that goal because I’m afraid that I’ll get bored with the game.

I’ve seen so many really good podcasters, bloggers and players hit the gold cap and instantly get bored with the game. Some sooner than others but it happens every time. Now I fully understand when real life becomes a factor to the point you have to make that choice. That I fully support that no game should take over your life to the point it’s not healthy anymore.

I’ve only seen or heard of maybe two or three players who were gold makers, hit gold cap and left the game due to more important manners. Generally those can be due to not having a job to pay for the game, family or work are the three reasons I’ve heard people leaving the game behind.

Does that mean it’ll happen to all of us? No. There are many bloggers and gold makers around still who are way past that mark and still play the game. Which I wonder, if you have a full-time job, a family and yet still have time to play then are those reasons really a reason or does it come down to the game not being fun anymore?

Something for me to think about when I keep writing for Hunter Masters as well as playing the game for my own fun. Which is why I think the game is so amazing because there are a number of things you can do with it, not just be a hardcore raider.

That is why my goal for the rest of the year is to hit gold cap. I’m going to push as hard as I can to reach it, I’m going to be using every tool I have and focus my efforts into a few markets that I can work, that is going to be Jewelcrafting, Inscription and Enchanting.

Right now I have some left over junk as I call it from Engineering, Tailoring, Pets, etc. That’s left over from before. I’m going to be leveling my characters, which I have a Monk that I’m leveling right now. I’m hoping to push myself and reach that goal soon. I did level up Blacksmithing on a character but I decided that I’m going to switch to Jewelcrafting on that character which sort of set me back at least 50k gold I end up blowing, but I’ll make it back rather fast.