Retiring Officially

If you've been following me on my Twitter account then you're already more than aware that I announced officially (for real this time) that I'm retiring from playing World of Warcraft and with that comes blogging about it. I've enjoyed playing these last 5+ years. I've met some amazing people and had some really awesome moments, to be honest I did most everything I wanted to do in the game. To be honest there is so much I could go on about memories from when I played, bosses I killed, bosses I've soloed and even the events I've been apart of. It was all fun but like everything it must come to an end, there is no easy way to say, good-bye trust me I've done it once already here in my post Good-bye Until we Meet again (which I end up removing when I came back). But I always left … Continue Reading ››

Playing World of Warcraft on Mobile

When you head over to Google, or any Search Engine that you use, if you do a search for playing Warcraft on a mobile device, ISO or Android, you get a host of options, even an article saying that Blizzard did at one point played with the idea of playing World of Warcraft on mobile. So the first thing you might be thinking, is this an April Fool's joke? No it's not and yes while I know what today is, I wanted to party share this today to trick some people, as who will really read the bold part and to share this with people who are like me; have very limited time to play. For me I play the auction house and right now I'm in the middle of starting an epic glyph wall. This wall is going to be two deep, 6 and 6 of each; while I'll leave the … Continue Reading ››
Gold Guide

All-In-One Gold Making Route & Market Breakdown

Over the last week I've been busy doing some charts with my goal and getting myself into a sort of route of making gold. As a result of doing this since 3/20/2014 I've notice a great deal of gold coming in. Some of you might have noticed that the old professions and character pages were removed and now redirect to a new setup page which features all my characters, their professions and their "role" in the setup as well as a chart image, which I'll show below of my gold making.  All In One Gold Making Route & Market Breakdown The dates from early on are scattered from when I collected data, either on the website here or tweets I made about how much gold I had. All the numbers of gold are rounded up. The dates before 3/20/2014 are random numbers that I found and are not 100% of the gold I made or even had … Continue Reading ››
Boost Level 90

Boost to level 90!

It wasn't too long ago I talked about going Horde, which I'm still sort of doing. The truth is I have nearly every class besides a warlock past level 60 and more than half of them at 85 and the rest between 65 to 80. I have a good grasp of every class in the game but a warlock. On that note, today I pre-order Warlords so I've got my [amazon text=free level 90 upgrade&chan=default&asin=B00GLZQO30]; you'd think I'd use it on a Warlock. Nope I went with a Monk on the Horde side. On my main server I'm playing on, Darkspear I have 8 character on the alliance side. I still have three more (Rogue/Mage/Priest) that are all past level 80 at least which are all alliance as well. I'd hope that Darkspear would get a connected realm so I could have more characters. Being it's such a high pop server … Continue Reading ››

Are Hunters Doomed in 6.0?

This is just a little theory I have about it and it comes from reading MMO Champion and just general wow news that has been coming out since Warlords of Draenor news has been coming out. Why would I think that hunters are doomed and what do I mean by that term? Well I think that Hunters are going to if not already going to fall to the bottom of the chain in terms of being fixed, such as issues with stables, etc. I could go on with all that is wrong with Hunters but I generally like to go with the flow because honestly I have a small voice and following on twitter so even if I was able to come up and answer every fix that we need and how to do it, no one who has pull within Blizzard would see it (not that I'm able to even … Continue Reading ››