Perfect Guild Bank Setup

Today’s post is going to be rather simple discussion about how to set up a guild bank system. I’m not talking about setting up the guild bank itself. You know going out and getting signatures, buying the tabs, how much is it worth to buy past three tabs, etc.

No this is about the ideal way to set up a guild bank base off your setup of characters you’re using to make gold. So I’m going to show you the ideal setup I am pushing for and what works for me may not work for you. So do keep that in mind.

The System

For starters, you’re going to want your main and alts in a guild or series of guilds that offer guild perks. This also affects what professions they have.

You would want to have also at least one character as a farmer that is in a guild to get the perk for gathering this way you’ll get more raw mats for skinning, mining and herb gathering.

My leatherworking is pair with skinning and is also an alt so they are in a guild with that perk. Ideally leatherworking is really easy to keep leather in the personal bank and anything I’m stockpiling or if I overflow can go into a mat bank.

The Mat Bank

This guild bank is used to store mats in any form. You can set it up in as many guild banks as you wish. For example, some players like Faid set up a guild bank for current mats and then another one for older mats. Basically this banks store items that are used for crafting only.

You want this guild bank to be a banker who doesn’t craft. Why? Simply because this character is going to be mailing and posting alot of items and there for you want them to be the last character you login into.

The reason is you will go to each crafter and set up TSM to restock. Then you login to you Mat Bank and send off your mats. You want or at least I buy what I need beyond what I don’t have on the character that uses it. It’s just less main this way.

How Many Guild Banks?

This all depends on how many character you have and what your willing to spend on. I myself have 8 characters and 3 guild banks.

Guild Bank 1: The All General Bank – holds everything that the banker character sells. In my case this would be Soulcharka.
Guild Bank 2: The Mat Bank – holds all current crafting mats. In this case this bank would hold MoP Mats and would be Kaimatrix.
Guild Bank 3: The Mat bank – holds all the older crafting mats. In this case this would be Naarultra.

Another guild bank could be set up if your going into transmogrification, I myself am pulling out of the market for good as it just isn’t making much gold on my server and the time and space it takes it too much for how much time I have. There is another guild bank you can have, which are more for those who have gold to buy a guild with a perk. In this case you can use this for farmers to get the perk.

The system I think works best if you keep your alts and main in an active guild that not yours. This way you’re part of a community. Crafters and bankers should just be either in one guild bank together to access everything or each in their own for their own mats. I’ve also done this on my old server, but remember you want any character who has enchanting, skinning, mining or herbalism in a guild with the perk.

You don’t need to be, I myself went most of Cataclysm with my enchanter not in a guild with the perk. The question did that hurt me well I’m not sure but to be honest it’s not a big deal middle to late into the game. At the start it’s a big deal due to the high prices of the new mats.

So tell me what kind of set up do you have? Leave me a comment below and if you have any questions about how to set up a good guild bank system, be sure to leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


Limited Time For Gold Making

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to do everything we might want to do in the game. Let’s face it, real life and I mean life outside of the world of warcraft comes first. It should always be this way, that is why it’s rather important to have a good set-up so you can quickly post your actions and then move on with your daily life.

What to do?

The best thing to do is come up with a system that works for you. Remember that not everyone is the same, has the same set up of characters. Some might have 10 or more characters they need to check, some might only have one banker for everything. It all depends on your size.

For me, given the nature of how I post, set up my groups in TSM, I use a standard default group that I can use on any server. The data are gathered by a profile for each server and side I’m on. This way my data isn’t static or lower than what I might be able to get.

My set up for my main server looks something like this:

  • Focushot: Main, posts all my Engineering and Jewelcrafting Auctions as well as flipping items..
  • Shadowolz: Alt, posts all my Enchanting some Alchemy and 77-80 Greens.
  • Kalashot: Alt, posts all my Leatherworking and raw leather.
  • Kaimatrix: Crafter, posts all my Blacksmithing and Mining Bars.
  • Naarultra: Crafter, posts all my Inscription and Raw Herbs.
  • Soulcharka: Banker, posts all vendor items, pets and any misc item including some BoE that’s not Transmog
  • Runods: Banker, posts all my transmog items.

Main, Alt, Crafter and banker?

I’m sure most people understand what they all mean. One thing however that all my characters are pretty much all of them. My main is also a crafter and a banker. Everyone is different in how they set up their posting, I post my items as I said on the character that makes it. I use my main as the character I flip items on. Some people don’t like to flip items on their main. Given that all my characters are known to be mine there is no point in be secret about it.

There is only one real different between my Alt and Crafter, which is my Alt I actively play some times as much as my main. I gear them, I play them, earn achievements on, etc. Sometimes I do things on my alts I don’t on my mains. Now with account-wide achievements it really doesn’t matter who my main is. It’s more that I’m known as Focushot but I might play Shadowolz more in some cases for any reason.

My crafting characters generally just sit at the mail box and collect mail and craft and post. They are the ones I login but don’t do much more than that. Then as you can guess I have my bankers which I just post items and don’t craft on them at all.

Guild Bank?

I do have guild banks but really not setup the ideal way I would have them. The way I would have my guild banks set up would be to have my Main and Alts in the same guild or different guilds to gain guild perks. I would then have my crafters each in their own guild to store mats. The bankers would have guild banks to store items general or to be use as overflow. For example if I run out of room in my crafter guild banks.

Ideally my set up would be this:

  • Focushot: In a raiding/pvp guild.
  • Shadowolz: In a raiding/pvp guild.
  • Kalashot: In a raiding/pvp guild.
  • Kaimatrix: Guild Bank that Stores Raw Mats.
  • Naarultra: Guild Bank that Stores Raw Mats.
  • Soulcharka: Guild Bank that Stores general items.
  • Runods: Guild Bank that Stores Transmog Gear.

Currently that isn’t how I have things. One of my crafters is in the same guild as my main, one of my alts has a guild bank. One of my bankers is in a normal guild (not one I own so no guild bank access) and another doesn’t have a guild. At some point I need to move some characters around.

There are many things I liked to do, but I think setting up a guild banks system would do another post. So for now I’d like to know how you have your bankers and crafters set up?


Hunter’s in Patch 5.0

With all the changes that we got for hunters in patch 5.0.4, let alone the changes to talents, the new glyphs but we also got some new stat changes. Right now I would have to say that Beast Mastery is the best spec for PVP right now, but then again now that we can choose any pet spec and make our spirit beasts cunning, I think it gives the spec more to do.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing in that it keeps some players away from the spec, some players like it simple. I suppose that is why Mages have always been on top in terms of being played (I personally see more people with Mages as a main then I do other classes, but they all have Hunters too). This isn’t base off any number it’s just a personal feeling I have about Mages, not that are an easy class but in all truth they don’t need to do very much to get the top of the damage meters for a long going time now.

So what about the bad? Well the bad thing we could get nerfed but I would hope they would rise the other two specs up. I haven’t played the other two specs in PVP yet. I’m planing on playing Marks some time tonight, just a few games to get a feel for it. I don’t have a max level Survival hunters to test out right now, but I do have a level 83 hunters I can make Survival and give it a try.

Personally I think the changes to hunters is great. I know many are not happy about it. There is just so much about this patch that makes the game just totally awesome that I can’t even start to tell you about it. Where do I start?

Hunter Pets

Sadly we didn’t get any new stable slots and likely wont get them, but there is a good chance if we keep telling them, maybe they will listen. There could be also some sort of new stable system in the works hidden that we don’t know they are working on yet. Maybe they have addressed it? I haven’t been in the loop with the latest news on hunters so I really don’t know 100%.

I’ve posted about the new hunter pets way back before I was gone. So many of you can go and check that post out in what new pets are, many of these can be tamed now I believe the goat has to be tamed in MoP Content however.

Hunter Stat Changes

In Mist we’re be using Mastery much more I think, there was a massive buff across the board for Mastery, not just for hunters. For example, when I last log my main before the patch my master was something like 18%, now it’s over 50% and I can tell you that the change really didn’t do much in terms of make anyone over powered.

The whole stat change effected everyone but it’s something to note that specs like Marks or Survival might want to give a mastery build out for PVP over say Crit, which was the stat of choice before the patch.

That is what I love so much about patches like this, it changes the way we play. Which isn’t always a good thing. I know one of the reason I changed from playing all my alts with max professions to building this new hunter profession army was all these changed was just too much to take in. It wasn’t like Wrath to Cataclysm where the talent system was generally the same, they just make it smaller and fewer choices.

Mist brings us so many changes it was just too much to have to deal with. Right now I think it’s best to focus on just the one class and maybe pick up the others later on when I have more time to do so.

Remember that the main change you need to worry about is that Hunters now require Expertise Rating to be fully hit capped. Remember also we no longer have a dead zone so if that warrior gets in your face, shoot him. There is also a note to take that the old hit rating for pvp was 5% it’s now 3% Ranged Hit to be hit capped in pvp. So remember that when you go to reforge your gear.


MoP Inscription Roundup

It’s been a good week now and I’m sure everyone has made a killing off inscription now. The new glyph system is full in and I’ll have to say, that even myself personally not really looking at what glyphs has had crafted for myself vs what was going away before I shutdown everything 2 weeks ago left me with only a few items turning grey.

What turn Grey?

Well for starters we all knew relics where going away and I sadly was stuck with only 2 that was left in my normal posting routine. They where vendor along with my Death Knights relics he used.

The papers to make glyphs also changed, you no longer need different parchment to make glyphs or any items within inscription anymore. Everything now uses light parchment which I think is a great change.

Along with the new glyphs ALL glyphs change into something new (from what I can tell) there where a few that didn’t but I lucky didn’t craft any of those and as a result didn’t lose out any money.


As much of you know I spend a good deal stockpiling and I know I could have stockpiled even more inks and herbs had the space and gold. At this point, there isn’t much of a point to stockpile anything now for inscription. Everything that has changed for it is released. Granted you don’t want to burn through your WHOLE stock of inks however.

Because inks vendors now require the new Ink of dreams to trade your inks in, you’ll have to make your inks using old herbs. You could either farm them and sell or buy them cheap and mill them if you need to keep up your ink supply. I recommend that you do.

As it comes to Stockpiling inks, this is something every one who has inscription does simply because it’s part of the normal crafting cycle. You will never have enough inks no matter what do you do, let me tell you that you’re best bet is to go into a low-power stockpile mode, only buy what you need to craft but if it’s lower than that buy it all. This is a general rule of thumb for anything really.

What’s new

I wont go into what has changed for Glyphs because most of everyone knows by now and they all changed into something new anyways. Also there is a host of new glyphs you’ll need.. I’ve check the daily research and I can tell you that if before patch 5.0 if you knew all the glyphs, save your paper and inks because the new glyphs wont show up from them until after the launch date.

Staffs are new and we have a few rare staffs you can sell. They take current Cataclysm mats and inks and is a good way to burn off your Inferno Ink if you have a load of them. I wouldn’t use them for Darkmoon Cards because no one is really going to buy into them now. I have a few Trinkets left over as well as some cards I didn’t sell, other than that I wouldn’t recommend doing it, the profits will be too low and demand is low as well for them.

The new staffs, there are 5 new staffs added and they are all BoE so you can sell them on the Auction House. On my server the prices are rather normal now. They are all caster staffs with crit, haste, spell power. Remember that stats changed a bit so you want to check out the new stat changed before you go buying. I’ll be posting about hunter stats in the next few days myself.

I’m sure they where much higher at the start of the patch and for those of you who made out please leave me a comment and let me know how much you made


Two Months: Hunter Project Update

The truth is, I didn’t get down to what I wanted to get done in time for Patch 5.0 Launch like I had hope so, but you know there are things that just happen. Change is a part of everything and this was no different. I could have just stay with the main set of alts that I had, played just one hunter and been happy with it. But I wanted to try something different, that was the whole basis of the site.

Over the last two months I’ve been working hard to being players who visit my website the best hunter and gold making content, while for the first month I kicked out 2-3 some days 4 whole posts full of rich content, I slowly stopped to one post a day. Today you may be wondering that I haven’t post very much and so much has been happening and I’ll be real with you; I missed it all.

I missed the big patch day the huge rush with all the items that we’re changing, I missed out on the Official Trailer for Mist of Pandaria, I’ve missed all the changes that happen in beta over the last few weeks. To be frank with you, I’m both happy I missed them and sad. I’m sad because I wish I could have been right there when that content came out as well as offer the content I was already.

It’s now September and the countdown is getting closer and closer now and I might even miss that. Well like I said, I’m happy not because I just don’t have to do that work, but happy because I’ve made some major changes in my life that’s made me much happier. Sure I may not post as much as some of you may like too, but I’m still here.

As for my hunter project, it’s a very slow process now because I’m currently looking for a new job. I moved to another state, far away from everything I know and was. So that is the main deal to why my hunter project is slowly getting there. As it looks right now, I might have some time this coming week in the evenings to really get some leveling done.

Right now, I’m just trying to play catch up with everything that has changed, there are a few things that came out from the PTR that wasn’t there in beta or that I just didn’t notice. I’ve uninstalled the beta so you wont see anything from the beta front from me anymore. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore.

For the next few weeks leading up to the release I’m going to be writing more about how to get ready for the release, I also want to let everyone know that due to limited time and money I might not be able to even buy Mist on release, I know many people have pick it up already, I haven’t yet being having food to eat is much more important right now.

I really can’t wait to get into the grove with my everything I’m doing now, losing weight, working and just living my life outside of the game and the computer.