MoP Inscription Roundup

It’s been a good week now and I’m sure everyone has made a killing off inscription now. The new glyph system is full in and I’ll have to say, that even myself personally not really looking at what glyphs has had crafted for myself vs what was going away before I shutdown everything 2 weeks ago left me with only a few items turning grey.

What turn Grey?

Well for starters we all knew relics where going away and I sadly was stuck with only 2 that was left in my normal posting routine. They where vendor along with my Death Knights relics he used.

The papers to make glyphs also changed, you no longer need different parchment to make glyphs or any items within inscription anymore. Everything now uses light parchment which I think is a great change.

Along with the new glyphs ALL glyphs change into something new (from what I can tell) there where a few that didn’t but I lucky didn’t craft any of those and as a result didn’t lose out any money.


As much of you know I spend a good deal stockpiling and I know I could have stockpiled even more inks and herbs had the space and gold. At this point, there isn’t much of a point to stockpile anything now for inscription. Everything that has changed for it is released. Granted you don’t want to burn through your WHOLE stock of inks however.

Because inks vendors now require the new Ink of dreams to trade your inks in, you’ll have to make your inks using old herbs. You could either farm them and sell or buy them cheap and mill them if you need to keep up your ink supply. I recommend that you do.

As it comes to Stockpiling inks, this is something every one who has inscription does simply because it’s part of the normal crafting cycle. You will never have enough inks no matter what do you do, let me tell you that you’re best bet is to go into a low-power stockpile mode, only buy what you need to craft but if it’s lower than that buy it all. This is a general rule of thumb for anything really.

What’s new

I wont go into what has changed for Glyphs because most of everyone knows by now and they all changed into something new anyways. Also there is a host of new glyphs you’ll need.. I’ve check the daily research and I can tell you that if before patch 5.0 if you knew all the glyphs, save your paper and inks because the new glyphs wont show up from them until after the launch date.

Staffs are new and we have a few rare staffs you can sell. They take current Cataclysm mats and inks and is a good way to burn off your Inferno Ink if you have a load of them. I wouldn’t use them for Darkmoon Cards because no one is really going to buy into them now. I have a few Trinkets left over as well as some cards I didn’t sell, other than that I wouldn’t recommend doing it, the profits will be too low and demand is low as well for them.

The new staffs, there are 5 new staffs added and they are all BoE so you can sell them on the Auction House. On my server the prices are rather normal now. They are all caster staffs with crit, haste, spell power. Remember that stats changed a bit so you want to check out the new stat changed before you go buying. I’ll be posting about hunter stats in the next few days myself.

I’m sure they where much higher at the start of the patch and for those of you who made out please leave me a comment and let me know how much you made


Two Months: Hunter Project Update

The truth is, I didn’t get down to what I wanted to get done in time for Patch 5.0 Launch like I had hope so, but you know there are things that just happen. Change is a part of everything and this was no different. I could have just stay with the main set of alts that I had, played just one hunter and been happy with it. But I wanted to try something different, that was the whole basis of the site.

Over the last two months I’ve been working hard to being players who visit my website the best hunter and gold making content, while for the first month I kicked out 2-3 some days 4 whole posts full of rich content, I slowly stopped to one post a day. Today you may be wondering that I haven’t post very much and so much has been happening and I’ll be real with you; I missed it all.

I missed the big patch day the huge rush with all the items that we’re changing, I missed out on the Official Trailer for Mist of Pandaria, I’ve missed all the changes that happen in beta over the last few weeks. To be frank with you, I’m both happy I missed them and sad. I’m sad because I wish I could have been right there when that content came out as well as offer the content I was already.

It’s now September and the countdown is getting closer and closer now and I might even miss that. Well like I said, I’m happy not because I just don’t have to do that work, but happy because I’ve made some major changes in my life that’s made me much happier. Sure I may not post as much as some of you may like too, but I’m still here.

As for my hunter project, it’s a very slow process now because I’m currently looking for a new job. I moved to another state, far away from everything I know and was. So that is the main deal to why my hunter project is slowly getting there. As it looks right now, I might have some time this coming week in the evenings to really get some leveling done.

Right now, I’m just trying to play catch up with everything that has changed, there are a few things that came out from the PTR that wasn’t there in beta or that I just didn’t notice. I’ve uninstalled the beta so you wont see anything from the beta front from me anymore. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore.

For the next few weeks leading up to the release I’m going to be writing more about how to get ready for the release, I also want to let everyone know that due to limited time and money I might not be able to even buy Mist on release, I know many people have pick it up already, I haven’t yet being having food to eat is much more important right now.

I really can’t wait to get into the grove with my everything I’m doing now, losing weight, working and just living my life outside of the game and the computer.


Art of Stockpiling

It’s been about a week or so, who’s really keeping count; from the last time I’ve put out any content. In fact its been about a week and half now since I’ve even login to my computer. Most of my interaction has been from Twitter on my phone and while some that has been pointless drama, I think its best to just not even care about ALL that crap anymore.

So here we are, it’s August 25th, just three days away from the new patch 5.0 Pre-Mist Launch and I’ll be the first one to say that so much has happened in the last week it’s crazy. I’m rather sorry to everyone for not being around and putting out content for you all. As a result of my new schedule which includes more than one could dream of, or list; my time to login, play, figure out something new, and then of all things write it.. has become limited. Likely down to the weekend at most.

The question now is, Have you done all you can to Prepare? The burning questing I think that will linger on anyone’s mind who’s been busy stockpiling the last year will always ask this. Was it enough? Did you get all the profit out of everything that you wanted to get once Mist goes live?

It’s Never Enough

The hard truth is, no matter how hard you work, how much gold you have, how many guild banks you have or how full of whatever X item, let it be cloth, Truegold, bars, whatever.. it’ll never be enough. Even if you are one of the few who has like 10 accounts and each account on your server has 10 characters each holding a guild bank plus full tabs (including the guild perk ones), your bags and bank pack 100% full, chances are you may have enough.. but in the end.. you’ll to wonder could you do more?

One of the ideals I’ve come across this time around, was a simple truth that stockpiling doesn’t really matter. I could stockpile all the Truegold for a year on my server and have a million bars, BUT if no one wants it come Mist.. I’m stuck dead in the water.

This is where the ideal of not just what to stockpile, but why. Why should you? There are some clear answers and some not so hard. For example; the two most common items people have stated to stockpile has been Truegold and Netherweave Cloth.

Common Stockpiles

Both Truegold and Netherweave Cloth are the top two items people stockpile generally. Granted there are others, like pets inks for glyphs and older mats for chock points in leveling professions. However, Truegold being the new hot item this time around, given you need a bunch of them for the new Sands of Time Mount, which players may be more willing to speak 50k for after Mist.

Why so much? Well simply now that mounts will be account wide, less will sell as a player with a whole lot of gold wont be buying them for every character now. Players who normally wouldn’t might now, there are a number of reasons why they may buy after the patch and wont now.

One reasons are they may not want to put all their gold into one item for one character then a week down the road change their main. Many players do this, they play one character for a while then stop and play another.So if you think about it, if you’re the kind of player, buying a mount worth 30k every time you change mains just to have that mount on your main can be way too costly.

This is why they don’t buy them, but now that they can buy it once and never again opens the doors for more sales that you wouldn’t have had other wise. The question is now will this new demand outweigh the loss of some players buying it more than once?

Another little thing everyone gets into are bags, bags and more bags. While each expansion brings us new bigger and better bags, the go-to bag has always been Neatherweave Bags. This is likely due to the fact they only need a stack of cloth to make one bag vs all the other bags that have come after. They all need some sort of dust, which are more steps than generally one will want to do.

What are you’re two go-to stockpile items? Everyone has their items they stockpile and believe is the item to stockpile as it’ll make them millions of gold come Mist. Please leave me a comment below and also don’t be shy about leaving your opinions and questions as well.


The Truth Will Set You Free

Today’s post was going to be about something I’m not very proud of, in fact so much so that I’ve down right deleted it and replace it with this post. Some of you, some of my readers, followers will think I cave in. That I let someone bully me and pretty much just didn’t do the right thing.

Which is not the case, there comes a time when you’re just out for yourself, to undo a wrong or simply to cause drama that isn’t needed. Maybe… I’m just too nice of a guy to be a real ass hole like that. Because let me tell you all something here and I’ll tell you what the post was about so you’re not all confused.

Affiliate Links

The post was about my affiliate link to Zygor guide, what followed was me seeing a tweet by Jim (@PowerWordGold) saying he didn’t like the growing trend that bloggers where using hidden affiliate links when they should be using a real link. In fact it was this post I posted on the 9th of this week. That is where you’ll find the link I had made.

Now I was under the idea that Zygor guide was a respected Leveling Guide and there would be no harm in me putting that link in, it wasn’t a random link, I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I was simply saying, hey I can do this, and this is how I do it. Is it wrong that I made some money if someone happen to click the link AND bought the guide? No I don’t think so. Truth is I haven’t seen any sales from it anyways..

The post was more of just a jealous rant about this and that and in truth, who the heck am I to really step on someone else like that? The more I started to think about it, the more I started to get this bad taste in my mouth.. and that is just not who I am. The post was just pure bull crap and if I had release it.. it would have destroyed any credibility I may have right now.

That is pretty much it, I wasn’t proud of the road it would have taken me. Some bloggers and they know who they are.. may think I’m being a big time chicken… but in truth I’m the bigger man. I’m being something called a man at least from where I came from it is. What it came down too, your word vs my word and those kind of fights never go anywhere.

In fact, it wouldn’t have changed anything but destroy this blog and my very own credibility. Which is important to me, this blog and my readers are important to me. I don’t know if you guys know this but all of you, from gold makers as well-known as Jim, Faid, Cold, Alto, The Gold Queen to the small ones, and there are SO many of you, I never could name you all.

The Truth

I started this blog because I wanted to prove to myself I could make a successful blog. It had nothing to do with money, in fact what money I do make will go right back into the costs and if I get over that I would give the money away in some shape or form. Maybe that is hard to believe, you know it’s always about the money in the end. I have to live too you know, long other things.

Right now, I’m moving.. by the time you’ve all read this I’ll have been on the road with no access to my blog or email, Twitter, Facebook or anything. I’ve met a wonderful woman who has changed my life.. in fact I don’t even know if I’ll be able to come back to blogging.. I’m more than likely end up missing out on Mist of Pandaria Launch. Do you all understand what that means?

A Journey’s End

For two months… going forward for 5 months now I’ve been working, writing post, preparing not only myself but trying to share with you all so you can make bank come MoP… and yet.. I might miss it because I made a live changing decision. Right now I’m not working, that is why I’ve had so much free time.. too much if you ask me.

I’ll be getting a full-time job to support myself and my friend I’m moving in with. Life is going to be very different..maybe I might get one day out of the week.. a few hours.. to sit down and play the game I’ve played for over 5 years now. It’s how life is, some of us are lucky.. and others are not. That is the truth.

What I had to say in that post.. was stupid, pointless and would have hurt everything I worked for and for what? Nothing.. no one gains anything out of drama and pointing fingers. I hope those of you who read this understand, be angry with me, rage remove me from your blogroll.. unfollow me.. call me names. In the end.. I’m a hunter, I’m a gold maker and I’m an honest person and I’m no cheat.

There wont be any more post this week, I had posts about professions I wanted to write.. but I sort of need access to the beta which I wont have. Maybe I’ll get a day to do this.. and I’ll get some content out to you all.. but please don’t count on it. I’ve made it so everyone who posts comments wont have to be approved.. I hope the settings are working right so that you can all keep the discussion up.

If this end’s up being my last post… there just isn’t enough white space for me to thank everyone.. this post I wrote a month ago is a good start. If this truly is the end for me.. in wow blogging.. I hope that the information I was able to put out, both for hunters and gold makers.. becomes timeless and that maybe it’ll help you all make millions, get that hunter to 90 and have some damn fun. Until next time, remember you’re all pro like that.


The Secret to Success

Today’s post is a short one, I want to let everyone know that chances of me playing in the next two or three weeks will likely not happen. As a result I wont have access to the beta or live game. The reason is I’m moving, today in fact I’m already on the bus as this post goes out heading out. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to really write and given out good solid content.

First off, I feel horrible about not being able to give you all content. In the last two months I’ve been putting out good content everyday, I haven’t missed a day. I know so of you have disagreed with some of my opinions.

I’m okay with this simply because I feel that is what make a good blog, it’s what creates good discussion and makes you all think. Which is what I really want. That is why I want to sort of give you all some hidden tips and the secret to the success I’ve had running Hunter Mastery.

Being Honest…

I’ll never come out and say that I’m better than you, that my blog is better than yours. Nor will I ever say I’m just a better gold maker then you, a hunter or a person. I live by a rule, this applies to how I play the game, both the auction house, real life as well.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

In that respect, I will say that I’m a kind person, an honest person. I’ve never taken away from anyone, I’ve never caused drama and I’ve never done anyone wrong. I have made mistakes in the past, I’ve screwed up and been the first person to admit that and quick to fix my mistakes. That is what a MAN does, that is what a human being does. Being honest to your fellow human.

Cutting yourself Short..

I tend to do this to myself, I view my work as horrible some times, like I could write better. And you know there are the trolls. No matter how hard you try they wont like you. I’ve had comments on Reddit where people complain about how I write, like they don’t understand and think English must be my second language or something like that.

The truth is, I’m not the best person when it comes to writing. In fact it was one of my least favorite subjects in High School and I’ve always had a problem with grammar and spelling. Does that make me stupid? Maybe.. I try to write as if I’m talking, what would I say if I sat down with someone and talked about something? Some of you who have been reading my blog over the last two months have taken notice of this.

I know many bloggers tend to write more professional and as if they are writing a guide, I tend to write more down to earth, using simple words. Mostly because I myself am a simple person, but I want to also feel as if people understand what I’m saying and not be made to feel stupid.

With it all said and done, I promise you… if you follow your heart.. treat others with kindness and don’t cheat, work hard be honest.. even if someone disagrees with you. Do not fall, be a leader for yourself.

I think anyone who has read my blog, with my 10 items you shouldn’t stockpile post that I don’t really care if people think I’m awesome. I know some on twitter have tweeted saying I’m a guru of Hunters… what an honor… serious. I’m just some guy who loves playing hunters.. nothing more.