6 New Pet Families in MoP

More Stable slots! I think that really speaks volumes now when you see the host of new hunter pets. In fact, in a way I’m very happy I decided to roll a hunter of each race for Mist of Pandaria. I still plan to do the same for horde side, but I have to focus on one thing at a time. Coming to a hunter Stable near you are new pet families!

In terms of how many more stable slots, I would say another page or two would be good to be honest. Right now we have 25 slots, 20 stable and 5 active. I think adding one or two more pages (10 slots each for a total of 20 more) wouldn’t be too hard. I’ve had the idea that maybe adding something like how the pets and mounts are being done for hunter pets.

I would even be willing to spend gold to unlock such more states. Such as we use to have to do, I think that we wont see more slots on release but within a patch or so.. hopefully Blizzard sees that hunters need more slots or they need a better way for us to store pets. I hope that they don’t wait to do this until after MoP.. that would really suck. I know on my main I really only have one slot left for anything.

New Pet Families

In Mist of Pandaria we’re getting some new pet families, all of them are awesome! They are the following:

  • Basilisks
  • Cranes
  • Goats
  • Porcupines
  • Quilen (Exotic)
  • Water Striders (Exotic)

With new Pet Families we have new pets to table, skins and everything but also new Pet abilities! Here is what we have and my take on each of the new abilities.

Petrifying Gaze [Special Ability]
20 yd range – Instant 60 sec cooldown
Turns the target into stone for 3 sec, causing them to be invulnerable.

Lullaby [Special Ability]
20 yd range – Instant – 60 sec cooldown
Puts the target to sleep for 4 sec.

Trample [Special Ability]
Instant – 10 sec cooldown
Your goat tramples the enemy, kicking up an obscuring cloud of dust, causing all enemies within 0 yards to have their spell cast speed increased by 50% (25% on player targets) for 30 sec.

Paralyzing Quill [Special Ability]
0.5 sec cast – 60 sec cooldown
Fires paralyzing quills around the porcupine, incapacitating all enemies for 2 sec.

Fearless Roar [Special Ability]
Instant – 45 sec cooldown
The quilen lets out a fearless roar, increasing the critical strike chance of all party and raid members by 5% for 2 min.

Eternal Guardian [Exotic Ability]
20 yd range – Instant – 10 min cooldown
Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 20% health and 0% mana.

Water Striders
Surface Trot [Special Ability]
Unlimited range – Instant
Allows the Hunter and the Water Strider to walk across water for 10 min. Any damage will cancel the effect.

Still Water [Exotic Ability]
Infuses all party and raid members within vision with still water, increasing their spell power by 10% and their critical strike chance by 5%.

My thoughts on the new pets. Being that I play Beast Master, I think the two new BM only pets, the Water Striders and Quilen are awesome. Right now I generally run in PVP 2 Spirit Beasts, a Devilsaur, a Silithid and Shale Spider for Battlegrounds.

For Arena I generally run 4 Spirit Beasts and a Devilsaur. Sadly however, given Eternal Guardian has a 10min cooldown, it wont be very useful for PVP at all, maybe in Battlegrounds to pop up a healer maybe.

The Water Strider may be good for battleground that have water, an easy to get over them but to be honest it doesn’t have much more use than that. For my other Hunters where I run non-bm in pvp the Crane and Basilisk may be good choices too.

This Week

This Week 8.06 to 8.12

At the end of every week, I basically give you the reader a chance to catch up all the past posts I’ve written over the last week. This week I talked about the Darkmoon Pets and how to collect them easy between all your characters in time for Mist of Pandaria in less than two months from now.

There was a small update about hunter pet changes in beta as well as Transmog Friday post this week. Overall it was a solid week and I think it was a very smart move for me to move to a single post each day followed with a rapup post at the end of the week. If you have any questions or feedback I’m more than happy to hear them and don’t be shy about leaving your opinions in comments.

Hunter Mastery is one of the most active WoW blogs right now and I hope to stay that way even after Mist of Pandaria launches and we’re all settled into it.

This Week’s Posts August 6th 2012 to August 12th

For anyone who end up missing any one post due to my posting schedule this past week, here is a collection list in order of the post starting on Monday August 6th and ending August 12th 2012.

  1. How to get the Darkmoon Faire Pets
  2. Hunter Pet Changes
  3. Farming Spot: Eternal Fire
  4. Moving Gold Across Servers with Pets
  5. Transmog Friday: Ironhide
  6. Gold Making Past, Present and Future

TSM Accounting Data – August 6th 2012 to August 12th

Below is the TSM Accounting Summary in how much gold I’ve made and spent on Drenden US in the last 7 days. I also end up spending a good amount of the gold I was taking in to stockpile more due to the fact people are flooding the market with good trying to get rid of them.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Hunter Master since the launch, I’ve written a post about such in the past. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone, there are too many of you out there and that makes me happy. To everyone who has supported and help me grow from a just a few followers on Twitter to nearly 300 now. The facebook likes, everything has been wonderful. Keep being awesome everyone, and remember we’re all pro like that.

Up coming Changes

Tuesday I’ll be moving to a new city, new state. In fact it’s going to be a MASSIVE change for me and a good one. As a result I may not be posting daily as I might wish and this includes having access to the game. Sadly I may even miss out on MoP Release… yeah it’s that big of a change for me. I hope that I can still play part-time and write my blog.

Gold Making

Gold Making Past, Present and Future

Everyone has been talking about stockpiling, with less than 2 months left now until Mist of Pandaria drops in stores the time to stockpile is slowly coming to a close. Keep in mind however it’s really never too late and I’m going to jump out and say that the closer it gets the more players will dump their current mats.

But also I’ve noticed that on some items which in the past, would have hit rock bottom have been holding at solid prices. I can think of one reason why; there are just more players playing the auction house. More of them read gold making blogs and as a result more people know.

Back in My Day

Looking back at Wrath of the Lich King when I myself was new to this whole stockpiling idea, there where not a whole lot of blogs out there. In fact there was only really one, and we all know that was JMTC and the JMTC forums. We had Call to Auction and that was about it. I’m aware there where other blogs and podcasts around but they where far too unknown for most readers to notice.

JMTC was the go-to-blog for everything, the gold guide they sold was the best out there, and the forums had a host of great players who knew their stuff. However something was missing back then.. that now exists; promoting other blogs. This just didn’t happen back then. Not until after JMTC was well on its way to going out of style as they would say.

Back then, there wasn’t many community leaders out there who went out of their way to promote their fellow bloggers. The way I saw it, there was two set communities; There was JMTC and then everyone else. It wasn’t until the JMTC meetings did this even start to see the light and that was well after the fact and Cataclysm was here for months already.

The Now and Beyond

Today’s blogging community has grown, changed and reinvented itself. There are a host of them and I could never named them all and be fair about it. The point is that all of this players have one thing in common. They aren’t out for themselves as much as JMTC was. Their blogs aren’t some money grabbing machine only designed to make them money and fame.

With so many different ways to promote another blog, not just with a simply blog post such as this, but we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasting, Livestreams and even Google Hangouts. All of these things while some of them existed back then wasn’t used as much. Least not in the way they are today.

It’s my firm believe that in order for a community to keep going, it needs a community leader(s) someone or a group of people who set the standard for everyone else. The world is full of sheep and wolves, not everyone can be a wolf sadly. Back in the day, that wolf was JMTC, today the wolves have grown into a much stronger pack. I truly believe there are a few out there who can rise above the drama, the backstabbing and the lies I’ve seen over the years.

The future of Gold Making blogs rides on this, will they all be around this time when Mist is going out and the next WoW Expansion is coming out? The future is rather bright and in a better place to be honest. I hope I’m still around when that day comes and able to look back again.

Just remember one little thing if you’ve read this far, it’s not about the numbers it’s about community, it’s about treating others the way you wish to be treated. That applies to everything in life, so if you see a small time blogger trying to get his feet wet, don’t shun them away, embrace them, help them.. someday they could be the one I’m talking about today.


Transmog Friday: Ironhide

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve done Transmog Friday, the reason for that was simply I didn’t have any more sets myself to show off (hunter ones anyways) and I wasn’t getting any submissions for it. to be totally honest I wasn’t going to make any new posts about Transmog Friday until mist as I knew some really nice sets would come about.

Also part of the reason was I had moved to a one post a day schedule and I wanted to make sure I could get out all the posts in any given week that I wanted, which resulted in some ideas being dropped. However that changed when I got a submission from @borgen1337 and her Hunter, Batlat.

So at this point, if someone submits me their hunter transmogrification set to me, I’ll feature it if I get it before Wednesday (reason I’ve already set up every post for the week by Tuesday).

Ironhide Set

Head: Ironhide Helmet
Shoulders: Ironhide Pauldrons
Cloak: Ironhide Cloak
Chest: Ironhide Breastplate
Wrist: Ironhide Bracers
Gloves: Ironhide Gauntlets
Waist: Ironhide Belt
Leggings: Ironhide Legguards
Boots: Ironhide Greaves
Weapon: Terokk’s Quill
Range: Quillfire Bow

Batlat’s set is the Ironhide set which I think is a really nice red and black set. Most of the items in this set can either be pick up off the auction house or you could farm them. I however wouldn’t really do that unless you can’t buy them due to being highly priced or just never on the auction house. I personally haven’t seen or sold the Ironhide set so maybe it’s one of those rare sets.

What is your transmogrification set? Do you have a hunter? Submit your set to me to be feature in future Transmog Friday posts, you can do this a number of ways. You leave a comment on this post, you contact me using our online web from or you can send me a tweet on Twitter.

Remember to include a screenshot, a list of what items you’ve transmogrification too and/or an armory link if you don’t want to bother with making the list or taking a screenshot. In which case the screenshot will be made in WoW Model Viewer.


Moving Gold Across Servers with Pets

Coming in Mist of Pandaria is the new Pet Battle system, with it are a host of new game features for every one including those looking to make gold with it. This was something I’ve held off talking about for a while now simply because I wanted to make sure this was going to be allowed, that it worked in beta the way I thought it would work in live.

And this is where I want to warn everyone, that this is beta and everything can change. I have an outline post written which explains how you can make gold on a new server with the pet battle system without any other starter cash. For some players this could be a way to moving gold across servers. How? Let me give you some examples of how you can move massive amounts of gold to another server easy and without spending real life money to transfer a character.

What Pets Can’t be Traded

In order for this to work, you need to be able to post the pet on the Auction house. At the moment the list of pets you can’t trade is not finalized. Other than wild pets, as we know can’t be traded. There are different lists out there that show us what can’t be traded, basically any TCG pet, Collectors Edition pets, Diablo3/Starcraft 2 Collectors Edition pets, most of the Blizzard Store pets, all WoW Event pets, obtained through quests and all Blizzcon pets.

The main thing to remember here is that there are some pets that will be transforming into a Rare Pet. Blizzard has already state that many of the current pets in-game, including some crafted and vendor pets will become Rare Pets. This is another reason why you should be collecting those Darkmoon Faire Pets NOW, as they will be one of the pets becoming rare.

The Method

Here we are on your main server, the server you have all your gold, mains, alts, etc. It really need to be a rare pet as I don’t think anything under that will sell that great. You either level it yourself, which at the moment could take weeks to get done or you buy one from the auction house.

No matter how you obtained your pet your going to be making a new level 1 or Death Knight (it’s up to you) on a new server you want to move your gold too. Once your on the new server simply open up the pet journal, cage your pets and post them on the auction house. The pet fees seem to be about the same as they are now, so you may want to do this with a death knight as they come out of the starting zone with some gold. It only takes about an hour to finish the zone with Zygor guide. If you’re looking for a good leveling guide, I would recommend them and I’ve used them for years now.

Crazy right? You could turn those rare pets into some nice gold on a new server. If you spend say 50k on your main server on pets, you could move that 50k across to any server and make back your 50k or more simply by selling those pets on the auction house or to someone from trade chat.

The idea seems sound, but it could be nerfed and prevented by blizzard. They don’t have a problem with someone moving millions of gold and goods to another server and screwing up that servers economy, seemly because at the moment you need to spend real money to do that. I’m worried this could be blocked because they removed wild pets from being traded so players wouldn’t sell them on the Auction House. I’m not sure but this could go either way at this point to be totally honest with you.

So many unanswered questions still, while the list of pets stated by Blizzard has yet be updated into the current beta build and even more changes are coming too. So be worry before you start to buy up pets or get ready to move gold to another server day one, they could really make it where if you cage a pet it’ll reset to level 1. If such a change happened, It’ll be fine and it wouldn’t affect this method of making gold at all, it just might reduce how much you could sell for.

What do you think? I know some people have talked about the impact of the pet battle system on their server, what will sell, how to price them. Should you be stockpiling pets now and if so which pets? Some think it’s time to dump them because a large influx of them will hit servers. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you plan on doing.