About Hunter Mastery

So sure you’ve come across Hunter Mastery and now you wanna know more about the site, its goals and mission statement.

Mission Statement

Hunter Mastery’s goal is to provide outstanding content and information of an unrivaled nature. To have no rival or equal; incomparable.

A far and bold statement but I prove that I myself can write great content that not only informs, teaches but also entertains. All three ways a website can be this site is, to just not be one niche but all. So you never have to go anywhere else.

The history of how this website was born is long and spans over ten years. From the early days of XfireSystems to Majin Planet the tale is one I’m soon to tell.

XfireSystems Rise and Fall Part 1
XfireSystems Rise and Fall Part 2
Majin Planet Fall and Rise
Neckar Unrivaled Rise and Fall
Hunter Mastery, the Untold Story

Currently I’m going to be working on writing up some articles about the different era’s of Hunter Mastery, from its birth of XfireSystems, to BansheeForce to Majin Planet and beyond.