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Playing World of Warcraft on Mobile

When you head over to Google, or any Search Engine that you use, if you do a search for playing Warcraft on a mobile device, ISO or Android, you get a host of options, even an article saying that Blizzard did at one point played with the idea of playing World of Warcraft on mobile.

So the first thing you might be thinking, is this an April Fool’s joke? No it’s not and yes while I know what today is, I wanted to party share this today to trick some people, as who will really read the bold part and to share this with people who are like me; have very limited time to play.

For me I play the auction house and right now I’m in the middle of starting an epic glyph wall. This wall is going to be two deep, 6 and 6 of each; while I’ll leave the details of what I’m doing with that wall to another post, the reason why today’s post is a big deal because I had to buyout all the herbs, I pretty much went from 110k to 80k within a few hours of buying herbs. I didn’t care what price, I just pick up everything there was at the time and then some.

Since yesterday and into today I’ve been milling and crafting inks, getting ready to start the first wave of my wall hopefully tonight if not tomorrow before I go back to work. The honest part about this was, I wasn’t even at my computer while milling.

Sadly right now I don’t have any good screenshots to show or even prove that I was doing this, but I was and I’ll tell you how you can do this. The first thing to know that you can only do this at home, or within your network or Wifi.

Step 1. Go download the app RD Client.

Step 2. On your PC, make sure you enable Remote Access connection.

Step 3. On your mobile smart phone, start RD Client, enter your PC name and username and password and connect.

You can now open World of Warcraft from your phone.

Pretty sweet isn’t? There are a number of guides online on how to set up RD Client. I want to point out that there are a number of ways and likely better options to use remote desktop on your smart phone to access the game (or any other app on your computer) for me it was a little slow and choppy, but that was alright because all I was using it for was milling.

As I said there are other options out there, but RD Client doesn’t require me to install anything or have anything on my PC running, the PC itself just has to be running. The screen was slow and choppy at time, but I run a laptop with low space and issue. On a good running gaming PC, I’m sure the connection would be fine. I’m using a S4 Rooted 16GB version for my smart phone, so results for you might be better or worst.

Today I had things to do with my family, cooking and what not, so I basically every chance I had would have my phone up, and was stabbing the screen. You don’t have to worry about this being against the Terms of Service for the game, because I had the game opened on my PC and I was touching the screen for the keystroke was one press pre-action. Which is the rule, so don’t worry about that.

I don’t recommend using this to do anything more than that unless you’re using a better option than what I’m using and have a better PC and stronger WiFi Connection. I plan on making a video to showcase this fully hopefully in the next few days; hopefully a quick video tomorrow. That’s all I have for you today and if you have any questions or better options, please share them in the comments below.

Gold Guide

All-In-One Gold Making Route & Market Breakdown

Over the last week I’ve been busy doing some charts with my goal and getting myself into a sort of route of making gold. As a result of doing this since 3/20/2014 I’ve notice a great deal of gold coming in. Some of you might have noticed that the old professions and character pages were removed and now redirect to a new setup page which features all my characters, their professions and their “role” in the setup as well as a chart image, which I’ll show below of my gold making.

The dates from early on are scattered from when I collected data, either on the website here or tweets I made about how much gold I had. All the numbers of gold are rounded up. The dates before 3/20/2014 are random numbers that I found and are not 100% of the gold I made or even had on those dates. However from 3/20/2104 to 3/27/2014.

Daily Route

As you can see it the chart above (again you can find this chart on the Setup page I’ve made not too long ago) here is what I do everyday at some point in the day.

Route for non-Crafting Days
On a non-crafting day, I’m not buying mats or trying to craft, I only do cooldowns and repost and if I have time, I’ll do some daily quests or tasks I need to do. Leveling, pvp, etc.

  1. Login to Focushot and do my daily Jewelcrafting Mist Cooldowns; I also do my Engineering Cooldown. Loggoff;
  2. Login to Soulcharka and check to see if I need to buy any Trillium Bar and store them in the guild bank for Alchemy Cooldowns. Loggoff;
  3. Login to Shadowolz and do my daily Alchemy and Inscription Cooldown. Shadowolz is my glyph poster so I’ll do a repost/rescan. Loggoff;
  4. Login to Necdrucla and do my daily Alchemy and Jewelcrafting Cooldowns. Loggoff;
  5. Login to Deathcadè and do my daily Alchemy and Inscription Cooldowns. Loggoff;
  6. Login to Kaimatrix and do my daily Alchemy Cooldown. Kaimatrix is my poster so I’ll do a repost/rescan. Loggoff;
  7. Login to Kalashot and do my daily Cloth Cooldowns, once a week I’ll do the Dreamcloth cooldowns. I’ll head off and my Silkworm Cocoon cooldown (which I just started doing a day ago). Loggoff;
  8. Login to Brewcade and do a repost/rescan on horde side. I haven’t yet reached 600 in professions so there isn’t much I’m doing horde side yet. Loggoff;

That’s my normal day, I generally don’t login to Lightcade being I have no cooldowns on that toon. On a normal day that’s pretty much all I do and I head off for the day. I either go to spend time with family or in some cases I’ll do what I’m doing now and write a blog or two. In some cases if I work in the afternoon I’ll head off to work, but generally I don’t login until after I get home from work.

Route for crafting days
On days that I need to recraft or days which I have nothing better to do, I’ll spend a good 2-3 sometimes up to 4 hours crafting, those days are a little different.

  1. Login to Soulcharka and open up my professions and do a restock que of everything that I want to craft that day. I mainly do glyphs, enchants and bags. I don’t really do engineering anymore, the mount market is flooded for choppers so it’s not worth the time it takes to craft them. For the new mounts and pets that come with the daily cooldown, it’s something you can only do every 30 days for the mount or 15 for the pets.Once I’ve que I’ll head to the auction house and buy any mats that I need that aren’t in the guild bank. All my characters other than my main are in the same guild bank. Once I’ve collected everything I’ll dump all the mats into the guild bank, it doesn’t matter where because I can use TSM gather feature to grab them out. Loggoff;
  2. Login to Focushot and do my daily Jewelcrafting Mist Cooldowns; I also do my Engineering Cooldown. I collect my mail and craft all my gems. I then mail them off to Kaimatrix to sell. Loggoff;
  3. Login to Deathcadè and do my daily Alchemy and Inscription Cooldowns. I collect my mail and do any milling needed, trade-in inks I need and craft all my glyphs. Mail them to Shadowolz to sell. Loggoff;
  4. Login to Shadowolz and do my daily Alchemy and Inscription Cooldown. I’ll craft any glyphs that are left that Deathcadè doesn’t know yet. Shadowolz is my glyph poster so I’ll do a repost/rescan. Loggoff;
  5. Login to Necdrucla and do my daily Alchemy and Jewelcrafting Cooldowns. Craft any gems that my mail doesn’t know. Mail them to Kaimatrix. Loggoff;
  6. Login to Lightcade and craft all my enchants. Mail them to Kaimatrix. Loggoff;
  7. Login to Kalashot and do my daily Cloth Cooldowns. I’ll craft any spellthreads and leather enchants as well as bags any some pvp gear. Mail them to Kaimatrix. Loggoff;
  8. Login to Kaimatrix and do my daily Alchemy Cooldown. Collect all the mail, and do a rescan/repost of everything. Generally requires me to visit the bank (which I keep leftover crafted items in). Loggoff;
  9. Login to Brewcade and do a repost/rescan on horde side. I haven’t yet reached 600 in professions so there isn’t much I’m doing horde side yet. Loggoff;

Because sometimes I might need to mill, disenchant or prospect for crafting mats, this process can take up to 2-3 hours. I try to buy mats up when I can to limit this process, but so far I’ve found I just do it all on one day. Also because of my limited time and access due to levels, some markets I simply can’t get into so I don’t bother with them. These markets include Pets, Transmog, Patterns, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking. I use to sell enchants from Leatherworking but as of today I dropped doing them. I don’t have access to the patterns for pvp gear or the buckle enchant.

My list of markets are the following:

  • Gems (Wrath Blue and Epic; Cata Blue; Mist Blue)
  • Glyphs (All Glyphs with profit of 20g profit or more)
  • Shoulder Enchants
  • Enchants (Only those that are highly used for tweeks 19/60/70/80/85; All Mist Enchants)
  • Bags (Netherweave Bags, Eembersilk, Frostweave, Hyjal, and Otherwordly)
  • Spellthreads (All that are 5g profit or more)
  • 450 Jewelry (A market I’m likely going to drop soon)
  • Dust (For changing Glyphs and Talents)
  • Fortune Cards (Again a market I’m going to be dropping soon)
  • Pets (Vendor/Drop/Battle; At the moment I’m just selling off what I had left from my cata stockpile, after that I might just drop pets altogether)
  • Patterns (All Vendor/Rare Drop; Another market I’m dropping. Mostly because it requires too much time to be in)
  • Transmog Gear (Mostly random stuff I have left that are really high dollar)

When I started gold making near the end of Wrath and for all of Cata, I was in every market you could think of, I sold everything even if the profit was small. I have older posts on selling vendor gear, transmog and even farming. The biggest reason I’m no longer in some markets is basically time.

To sell Patterns, Transmog, Pets and Fortune Cards require game-time. Patterns require farming and travel time to gather them all. The same goes for pets and even transmog. Fortune Cards require barking, you can just post them up and hope, but I’ve found selling them quickly and for profit requires barking.

Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring; I use to be big in these markets in Cata. Leatherworking turn out to be a gold mine for me due to the pvp gear. However at the time the toons with those professions were all at max level and all gain access to the patterns. They are still 85 now and I just now was able to get Kalashot (I dropped Inscription for Tailoring) to do the cloth cooldowns and to get the Leatherworking patterns I need to be 87.

Lightcade is my Blacksmithing/Enchanting and is still at 85 and hasn’t even moved into the new zone with. The lightly hood that I will I don’t know. Even when Warlords comes it’s unlikely.

I’ve found on my server anyways that Jewelry sells well at random times and I’ve found that the ones I made over a month ago have been sitting in my bags and are never posting. I could lower profit to get them to post, but why when I can just wait for them to post and make the gold at the profit I want.

With anything it all depends on a number of factors, your time to the game and your server. For me the markets that I’m not able to get into due to game time could be really good markets, while I’m in gems could be a bad market. However I’d never be able to know this so always test the markets. If it’s worth the time to leveling a character and get those patterns then by all means do that. This is however best for me and my time that I have to play.

If you have any questions about my setup or what markets I’m in as well as how I setup TSM to handle all this, leave me a comment. I know this was a very long and detailed guide. I did think about breaking it up but I found it flowed nicely. I will however go into a bit more detail with each market at a later time, this is just a break down short version for those who wonder what I do to make gold.

Today you’ll see that my gold total dropped, this is always going to happen for me on crafting days, which today was for me. The goal is that I’ll make double if not more what it cost me to craft back over the next week, so that when I have to craft again, I’ll have more gold.

Boost Level 90

Boost to level 90!

It wasn’t too long ago I talked about going Horde, which I’m still sort of doing. The truth is I have nearly every class besides a warlock past level 60 and more than half of them at 85 and the rest between 65 to 80. I have a good grasp of every class in the game but a warlock. On that note, today I pre-order Warlords so I’ve got my free level 90 upgrade; you’d think I’d use it on a Warlock.

Nope I went with a Monk on the Horde side.

On my main server I’m playing on, Darkspear I have 8 character on the alliance side. I still have three more (Rogue/Mage/Priest) that are all past level 80 at least which are all alliance as well. I’d hope that Darkspear would get a connected realm so I could have more characters. Being it’s such a high pop server I doubt it, but to move all my toons to another server where I’d be able to have more than 11 characters on the server isn’t worth the cost to move 8 characters.

I decided on the monk on horde side because I needed a horde character at max level now, I have two other slots on the server I’m using for horde, another hunter and a warlock. I’ll have 8 toons on alliance and 3 on horde, If I ever got the chance to make 11 more characters, I’d totally have 3 alliance and 8 horde toons, having another account isn’t that idea for me to do, so the only option would be to hope for a realm connection.

All that aside, the next big task I have is getting two professions to make gold with. There were some choices, and I can still change them because I haven’t done anything yet. Enchanting is a big money-maker not just on scrolls but raw mats as well. Alchemy wasn’t a good choice as with Enchanting, all I’d have been a cooldown that wouldn’t bring me much gold.

Blacksmithing would cost way too much and doesn’t really make much gold unless you have rare patterns. Leatherworking is the same boat, you have pvp gear but this late in the game, it’s not worth the gold getting into now. Tailoring is the choice I went with because of the cloth cooldowns and bags other than that I’m not expecting to make much more. My other options was either Jewelcrafting or Inscription.

Right now having Inscription on both sides would be too much work, I’m working to get a foothold in glyphs again, while I think having Inscription would be idea and I plan on doing it but right now when I only have two professions, I don’t think it’s the best choice.

While it’d would work with Enchanting, I could make gems and rings to mats for enchanting, again I think Jewelcrafting is too costly to level when you don’t have any gold. Because I’ll be starting out, I’ll be out in the world farming until I’m pulling in enough gold where I won’t need to farm.

Tailoring/Enchanting is Easy
I feel those two professions are easy to level together, even at level 90 I should be able to get them both to 600 within a week of hard farming. I’ll have to run older content for a while to gather mats, I’ll have to use old gold making tricks to get gold like selling world drops, anything and everything I can find. I’ll keep you all updates on my new setup page for my professions that I created earlier today.


Are Hunters Doomed in 6.0?

This is just a little theory I have about it and it comes from reading MMO Champion and just general wow news that has been coming out since Warlords of Draenor news has been coming out. Why would I think that hunters are doomed and what do I mean by that term?

Well I think that Hunters are going to if not already going to fall to the bottom of the chain in terms of being fixed, such as issues with stables, etc. I could go on with all that is wrong with Hunters but I generally like to go with the flow because honestly I have a small voice and following on twitter so even if I was able to come up and answer every fix that we need and how to do it, no one who has pull within Blizzard would see it (not that I’m able to even pull that off with my limited time).

I’ll get to the point, I’ve noticed less and less hunter news showing up on MMO-Champion about Warlords of Draenor and even just in general news about anything, talents, etc. I’ve seen a few tweets show up here and there about hunter pets and taming but nothing like I use to see. In fact almost every other blue post or tweet was something to do with hunters, let it be talents, pets or damage in pvp and pve.

For me, I believe as sad as this might be that the days of the hunter might have come and gone. With the WHU now officially closed, the website is still opened but the more time that pasts the more the information there becomes outdated. Honestly I saw that coming and it came later than I figure it was just because when I read that Frostheim was ending his time writing about the game both on the WHU and for WOW Insider, that left a massive hole in the community and the WHU.

Arth did an amazing job but let’s be honest here, it’ll take someone with a whole lot of free time to be able to do what Frostheim was doing since the days of Wrath. He was very important to the community but you know maybe he foresaw what I’ve seen coming for over a year now. The game is coming into the final act, I’ve always said that once Warcraft hits a cap of 100 there isn’t much more to go, because going over 100 levels in any RPG game really is just silly. Heck even Pokemon only allows you to go to level 100 when leveling and they are huge.

The WHU and Frostheim had a big impact on the hunter community and without them around there is no one around that is making that splash. I didn’t say this in my good-bye post to Frostheim but I understand why he left from writing. I bet anything, having a personal life, running a massive website with so many followers, playing the game to get data for the website, a podcast, hunter songs, and at one point a guild and the WHU guild, that leaves very little time to just freaking play the game and have fun. I know myself there has been times I just wanted to not worry about writing about it and just play.

Along with the WHU heading out the door, the Hunting Party Podcast also ended at episode 200. Even after Frostheim left the show long with no longer blogging, etc it wasn’t soon after that Euripides, who I myself use to raid with and PVP with in Cata. I was apart of his and Darkbrew’s guild and let me tell you those guys are awesome. After he left however, with Arth and Darkbrew left, and to be honest I think Arth had a hard time keeping up with the WHU and being a host.

I give it to Arth for giving it his all but his day soon came as well along with the WHU final days of being the best hunter resource on the web. With the Hunting Party Podcast ended, all that was really left now is Darkbrew which he’s been going full swing posting about hunters.

Then there is Ghostcrawler who left Blizzard and no longer has any effect on class balance or making things happen like he was able to do. It was really all Frost who was able to get the information out there and get people going to make Blizzard look at us. I think with Ghostcrawler leaving Blizzard it really put a nail in the games coffin. Who knows I could be wrong but I’m not really seeing anyones stepping up to the plate to bat for us and if they are, they haven’t been noticed yet.

So basically that’s what I think, I don’t want to come across in any negative way here about this, I know that it sounds like I’m throwing in the towel as well. No the whole point of this post was to get people thinking, to get people talking. I would love to spend all my time writing about hunters and doing my best to fill those shoes left by Frost, but for me that won’t happen at this time. I’m lucky to write what I’m able to write and I’m just lucky to be playing the game at all if you want the 100% truth.

In truth what matters now is coming together as a community, every little bit helps now, we all have to fill that shoe left by the WHU and all the awesomesauce that followed it. If you’re a hunter and you want to help, start a blog, write once a week you don’t even have to spend any money. You can get a free blog on Blogger or even, hopefully this message gets out there and hunters wont fall to the bottom of the food chain.

For the Horde

For The Horde

I’ve been playing the game again, a whole lot however has changed. I’ve decided to move to a new server, one that’s the same as my old main server Darkspear, however its a connected realm.

Having the option of 33 characters on one server is going to be awesome. Right now I’m starting out with three toons, a hunter as my main, a warlock and a death knight. The reasons for the three choices are simple.

First the hunter choice was easy, this is a hunter blog. A warlock another pet class and the one I haven’t ever been able to level past the 20s. The death knight was an easy choice because I start at level 55.

I’ve talked about it some on twitter, that this time I’m finally going Horde for good. You may ask about my old toons. They are still there, a lesson to be learned and at most if I level ally toons on one of the servers I’ll be moving my old main. I might do that before Warlords of Draenor.

Speaking of that, the new instant level 90 feature for 60 bucks is out. The reason I won’t talk about too much is because this isn’t a news site. I find reposting news is pointless. I will comment that I’ll take my free one when I get Warlords beyond that I might do it once if I have the money.

So what is my goal? Well its to make gold, right now I’m at 400g I haven’t decided on the market I’ll be doing. Truth be told I only have time for one and really only two come to mind.

That being said I’ll leave it at that, I’m gonna head off now and do some leveling but most of all I’m going to have fun. No more worrying about this or that. It’s about enjoying the game. For all we know we could be into the final age of the game.