I Gem for Strength?

Not long ago I was checking out twitter and I came cross a post by @kurnmogh about how Blizzard doesn’t take the time or effort at least in his ideal of the game that they teach us how to play our classes. Back in the old days, it took months to level to the level cap. I’ve heard people took a near year or more to level to 60 and I know back when I started playing, I level 1-80 in Wrath in about a year and half.

Today I level 1-85 on a new server in about 3 weeks time. I played every day for at least 2-3 some times up to 5 hours per day about 3 and half weeks before patch 4.3 came out. That says something and I didn’t have any help and that was nearly 90% questing with some battlegrounds and some 5-mans.

So in the comments I sort of went off about how back when I first started, being my first MMO when I heard people say LFM 1DPS 1Heal then G2G PST. Granted I knew what g2g was, it means Good to Go. But the rest what? I only guessed what the rest met.

This I can understand for someone new, but at the same time, when you buy a phone and people text you short hand, you don’t expect the cell phone company to write you a guide to this. Same with online Messager where people tend to spell ‘you’ as ‘u’ and so on. So I on that front I don’t think it’s their job to teach us that, or to teach us how our classes work, but then again over the years they have added a number of elements to the game telling us.

But still you find bad players, Hunters who gem for strength, non-healing caster geming and taking gear with Spirit. Plate Healers in spirit cloth gear. You get the picture.

Just in short a small post today, not too much more to say about it. This is sort of open discussion about if Blizzard should put some sort of system in the game to alert a player when they are doing something wrong.

As it stands right now, with the new talent system, they basically are taking away the choice, where say I’m a hunter and well I don’t want to take X skill, in some cases you’re doing it right, but others you’re hurting yourself.

One good example is a Beast Mastery Hunter not taking Bestial Wrath because he wants to take something else and be different. No you’re not being different you’re being a huntard and hurting your DPS as a result. Blizzard now will just give our classes all we need to have and when we spec into something we get all that stuff too.

So the question is, what kind of change do you think is needed? Do you think they should add some sort of system that prevents a mail shaman from wearing leather or cloth? Such a system would hurt role-playing for starters. Maybe putting in a warning if you put in a blue gem in a red slot, it tells you this is not the best and you should use X gems. It’s a matter of choice and I suppose some people will say that is dumbing the game down. Maybe it is what do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this.

Richard Arellano is the founder and webmaster of the NeckarUnrivaled.com, HunterMastery.com and Majin-Planet.net. Currently studying HTML/CSS and enjoys playing MMORPGs, Magic the Gathering writing and Roleplaying.

2 thoughts on “I Gem for Strength?”

  1. I think a flat out alert of telling the player they are playing incorrectly is probably the wrong course of action. If I had to make a simple suggestion, I think a built in gear evaluation that check against predetermined specs would be a better course of action. Ideally it would highlight what gear needs to be replaced to better align a character with the chosen spec and also give a recommendation as to what gear better suits the character.

    Some might say this is overly hand holding and removes the fun out of “doing the spreadsheets” yourself, but I would argue such a system would not guarantee optimal results, just better than a completely ignorant selection. The aim of a gear evaluation and recommendation system is to improve the player base as a whole, not just the top 1%.

    1. That’s true in all truth no matter what kind of system you go with in terms of helping players choose what is the best gear vs the stats, gems and enchants to use. There will always be one person who will not listen no matter how often you tell them they are wrong. Just like a mage who stacks spirit because it restores mana in combat, even know they don’t need it as much as a healer would.

      That being said, most of the people who have this issue are either the case they don’t know because no one told them and there aren’t any easy to gain resources to tell them or they don’t care. These people generally have no idea what a spreadsheet is. I’ve seen players who have no enchants or gems and don’t want too because it cost too much gold, either they can’t make it, don’t know how or refuse to do it. I’ve even heard some players wish gems and enchants where sold on a vendor for cheap and not having to pay another player a high cost for them.

      What I would also think the best thing to do is simple add a system that warns a player, that this is not optimal for your spec/class and nothing more. Such a system could be disabled and if you do so it’ll never warn you again. With a system you could still do it wrong, which I think is a way is a problem with the new talent system. They remove the option to do it wrong now, so when you think about it, there is no choice because there is no wrong choice to be had.