Hunting Party Podcast Ends

Yesterday January 18th 20014 was episode 200 of the Hunting Party Podcast and their final episode. I have to say that I personally feel that with all of this, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything and thinking about just hanging in the towel myself. First I want to say that the Hunting Party Podcast did a great number of things for the hunter community and I, it was always a dream of mine to one day be a guest on the Hunting Party Podcast but it seems with the very last episode airing already that dream quickly faded away.

I know personally that I haven’t been very active and most of that has come to lack of playing the game or even finding the drive to play these days. It’s very hard to find the time to play when there is so much more to be done in life. Someday at some point the game will end and a new MMORPG will be all the rage and World of Warcraft will be a memory, good or bad. I personally will have many good ones, this website being one of the bigger ones.

Let’s take a moment and look back the last 200 episodes, I personally was there for many of them as a listener and did get a few of my questions answers back in the day. I’m very proud that I got the honor to raid with all three of the hosts before the WHU guild and the cross-realm feature was added to the game.

Back in Wrath of the Lich King, right around the time that the very first WHU guild was coming about, I moved servers to Icecrown where I was lucky enough to get into at the time Frostheim’s guild who was actively raiding. I believe I join his guild in the spring if anything it was about 2-3 months before the WHU guild was born. I had the honor to chat with not only Frostheim but other members and raided a few times with them as well as do 5-mans and took part in their guild events. They were all awesome to me and I learn most of what I know as a hunter from those days. Sadly it was short live when I left the game a short time after that for 3 months due to personal issues in my life.

When I returned to the game, I went horde for the end of Wrath; this also marked the end of my hunter’s name being Wolzord and becoming Focushot. That was when I had the honor to know Euripides and the Call to Auction podcast which is what lead me to the Hunting Party Podcast. I had the honor from the middle of Cata to the end to raid with both Euripides and Darkbrew and not just raid but do a bunch of other guild events.

I’m really going to miss those days, while I understand why the podcast ended and not only that the WHU website will also be shutdown (no longer being updated after next week). I had so many memories that I’m thinking about writing some posts about them if anyone wants to hear about them, I’d be more than happy to posts them. Just leave a comment down below or tweet me @HunterMastery. To the podcast both the hosts, their guest and listeners, it was fun and amazing and it’s really sad to see you go. Maybe one day I’ll be able to start my own podcast (again) officially and have them on as a guest. Until then, keep on hunting!

Richard Arellano is the founder and webmaster of the NeckarUnrivaled.com, HunterMastery.com and Majin-Planet.net. Currently studying HTML/CSS and enjoys playing MMORPGs, Magic the Gathering writing and Roleplaying.

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