Achievement: One Month Blogger

Today is a short of an opinion piece about my role in the history of gold making and well rather just how I feel the next few months are going to be going. As you all know, Cataclysm is over, Deathwing is dead and we're moving to the wonderful colorful lands of Mist of Pandaria. As everyone has read, I've seen it a number of times. The Burning Crusade was the best ever and Wrath of the Lich King sucks! Man.. Wrath is the best ever.. Cataclysm sucks! I know in months ahead when we're deep into Mist of Pandaria.. someone will say.. it. "Mist of Pandaria blows! I miss Cataclysm, it was the best ever." I still see hunters complain that focus sucks and they want mana back. Focus seems odd choice of words for a hunter.. but it works and I'm overall happy with the change. Heck my main's named … Continue Reading ››

How Hunter Pets Could Have Been

Personally I think this shows pure laziness on Blizzard's part in removing most of the pet abilities and giving us watered down versions. Don't get me wrong I really like the change to allow us to just change our pet's spec and to do it on the fly for free without seeing a trainer. However.. it's my opinion that hunter pets will end up being much weaker than they are now come live at level 90. Here is the reason why. Basically for PVE your going to be using the Ferocity spec, which in on its self is what we use now. However losing Charge really is sucks because that has uses in PVE. Sometimes in target switching fights, you need to get your pet across the room quickly. I myself personally macro charge so I can use it at will. Making it ONLY for Tenacity doesn't make any sense what so ever. … Continue Reading ››
This Week

This Week 7.23 to 7.29

I think over the weekend I came with this realization that while my goal with this website was to stand out, to be above the rest and not just be another one of the blogs in the mass of them all. In that realization, I've discovered that many of my readers have missed out much of my content. One of the things I've try to do is limited my post to a set number of words, I've shot for about 500-800 words or so. Honestly I think I've done a good job with it. However, I've posted a solid three post each day, I try to keep the mix and balance between the hunter and the game play itself (How-To Guides, news, updates) of the class itself and gold making. Personally I knew in time I would start to burn out and feel as if I'm forcing myself to keep up with such … Continue Reading ››

TSM Accounting Data – July 27 2012

Last week I did a full reset on my TSM Accounting data, mainly the reason I did this was so I could get a clear-cut look at the last seven days of auctions. I also made a few small changes in how I was selling. Right now my two sellers are Shadowolz and Soulcharka. Below is the TSM Accounting Summary in how much gold I've made and spent on Drenden US in the last 7 days. WoWScrnShot 072712 024056 e1343384009282 TSM Accounting Data   July 27 2012 I was doing a bit of flipping this week and I found someone posting a butt load of cheap Greater Celestial Essence up which I pick up at 20g each. I mean really.. I know they can go for more than that. I've put together a small stockpile of them. Nothing crazy, maybe they will sell.. maybe not. If I can … Continue Reading ››

Transmog Friday: Engraved Fiery

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition to Transmog Friday! Today we're going to be taking a look at the 'Engraved' set that my good friend HoneyTrap put together for her orc Hunter. I have to say that the set itself is rather nice looking and a different look of fire theme like last week's set, Flames of the Hunter set I put together and currently using as my pve set. HoneyTrap plays on the EU servers and while I've only played with her a little bit, as of right now my EU account is disabled due to not having the money currently to pay for it. Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll be able too and before all my mail from my auctions go bye bye too yikes! Engraved Fiery 300x257 Transmog Friday: Engraved Fiery

Fiery Set

Head: Malefactor's Eyepatch Shoulders: Flickering Shoulders Cloak: Continue Reading ››