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Professions Are a Mess

Okay so I was thinking about what I should talk about today and I’ve decided on Professions, now this is just going to be a general chat about professions and why I think they’re a huge mess right now. Now I could come up with a million reasons why Professions are a mess right now but I came up with a short list and some things I think they should do to fix them.

First I don’t have all the answers nor do I think Blizzard should copy another games ideas, but heck everyone copies over everyone so I mean, one of the things I think needs to go is the crafting process.

Crafting Time

One thing I really loved in the Star Wars MMO was the fact you could for a higher fee, set your crafting to a que and in that time frame, your item would be crafted. You could do this with any number of items as long as you had the gold to do it.

What made this amazing was you could go off and do something else, even logout of the game. That to me was amazing feature and it’s too bad that the rest of the game was sucky.

Too Much Junk

Let’s face it, the profession system we have is the left over of the old Vanilla WoW. What I’m talking about here is for example leatherworking there are a massive amount of green and blue gear as long as level 1 to level 70 that pretty much is unless now.

Sure there are some things that are useful to some people, but with everyone pretty much having every slot filled with BoA gear now, all that leveling gear you could craft becomes useless. Not to say that when the level cap goes from say 80 to 85, all those crafting BoE epics you grinded for also become useless.

The only reason now to keep that gear in the game is simply put, for transmog and honestly they could very easily remove all that gear and just make them drops in the world as you level.

What to Keep and What to Remove

Now each of us are going to have something different we want removed and I personally don’t have a list. I have a few in mind, I think anything that dropped in the world or raid or was from a vendor should be kept, maybe it’s not so much the whole too much junk to level through or items that are never crafted, but it’s the UI of the window. The list is too long and it’s a bother sometimes.

It’s a question of what to keep and what not too, and I think with BlizCon coming next month, the next expansion on the way, I think it’s a good time to revamp the whole profession system. Even maybe make it so you don’t have to have so many alts to just have all the professions.

I’d like to know your take on all this. What do you think should be done. Should Blizzard take a look at what is being crafted and what players want overall in gear and items and remove what isn’t being used or what’s pretty much pointless to the game? Or should they leave it but revamp the window to make it manageable. Also there is the whole leveling to the max cap of the professions and balance between stats it gives you for PVP and PVE..

Mists of Pandaria – Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar

Ding Level 90!

Hey everyone, I know most of you have been wondering what the heck has been going on. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter (and you should be) no the website didn’t get shut down and no I’m not leaving. What happen was, I end up doing a sort of split again.

I realize that it was better if I just ran this website as a hunter/gold making blog and leave it at that. Now I do have some posts I’ve made that are still gaming related which I left here. For the bulk of content I use to have, visit my other website

Back to Playing

Ding level 90If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you’ll know that I’m back playing the game more now, right now I’ve fully geared myself in crafted PVP gear and slowly getting honor gear. I’ve pick up two right now and put gems, reforged, no enchants yet. I’ve maxed out Enchanting and having damn issues with leveling Engineering. I’ll talk about my issue with Professions in another post.

Anyways this is just a quick update to let you all know I’m not dead. I did hit level 90 on my main hunter and right now I’m not looking at leveling any other characters to 90, I might my Troll Hunter just because I want to get one on each side. In the mean time I have some topics I want to cover. They include:

  • Hunter PVP in Patch 5.4
  • Hunter Macros Updates (with the changes that came in 5.4)
  • Professions
  • TSM 2.0 (and the reason I’m not using it anymore)

All of that will be coming in a number of ways, so stay tune. Posts might be slower getting out then normal but I will try to keep content coming. If you have any questions please hit me up either by leaving a comment, using the contact form or on Twitter. And lastly what do you think of the new layout? Might still have some bugs in some browsers and screens but I’ll get that all worked out over time.

How to Balance life with Gaming

I generally try not to spend too much time playing video games and more time with family. Over the last year I’ve been in this process of getting my fiancé to play games with me.

She’s a gamer in the way she’ll play Candy Crush on her phone and does sometimes play Xbox, but she loves being outside and playing sports more so. This created a problem for me and some of you might remember this time last year I’d moved and had given up gaming (World of Warcraft) and had written some goodbye posts. I’d have to say those few posts where some of my best work I’ve written.

But I quickly realized that I didn’t have to give up anything at all. I just couldn’t spend all day and night doing it. This has been an issue because I’m force to either spend time with family or playing games.

I found the key step in having balance between family and gaming is your family comes first and gaming is a form of entertainment.

How to involve family?

Well for any kind of game, it’s best to decide if you want your family to take part. In my case she thinks it’s stupid and I’m a dork for playing. This is due to having a bad impression from past roommates and friends.

How to give them a good impression?

Let them discover the game, if you somehow get them to try it, you’re half way there. Don’t show them too much; think of it when you started. Did you know nearly as much as you do now?

If you’re lucky they might see why you like playing and either decided to join you or accept it and gives you your time. After all if you give them the same chance in doing something they like, they might be more willing.

Just remember if anything takes away from your family, like if you miss something like seeing a school play it’s not a good thing.

In my case I’m more thrilled you play because I’m away a lot vs. before and I’ll be honest it did start to fill like a job almost and if you’re not making money by it, it’s time to step away.

Gold Making

20 Days of Gold Making List

Gold Making
It’s been a while since I’ve posted about any gold making. I’m sure at this point most people who use to visit the website for Warcraft related news stopped coming.

Believe me I understand as I’ve said it before, I believe if people truly support me and this website for what it stands for, people will read my content no matter what. That being said, I’m not totally done with the game. While the last few months all I’ve done is level a little bit, jump on here and there for no more than maybe an hour.

20 Days of Gold Making

I haven’t fully given up on playing and I’m finding more time to play. My new job works out perfectly as I believe I’ll get some free time to play and still write for the site. But today’s post is a list, I know that the 20 Days of Gold Making was a big hit on many websites and did draw in some traffic.

Below are a list of all 20 posts I wrote for the series.

Special Thanks to Nev of Auction House Addict for the idea of the series. Thanks to everyone who also took part and remember if you do have questions about the game, hunters or gold making you can email me, contact me or send me a tweet.

Gold Making

5 Ways to Gold Making Hunter Style

Gold Making
It’s been a while now since I’ve posted about World of Warcraft and I understand that some of my readers might have stopped following because of that. Trust me I fully understand but also I wanted to keep this website alive and honest I feel the merger has been very successful. So I want to also keep pleasing all my fans from when I started back in 2012, truth is the World of Warcraft readers is what made this website.

I thought I give some good old gold making tips and what better way then to give you not just some tips but my personal top 5 gold making tricks. Not everyone will agree and that leaves room for discussion, which is the point when you get down too it.

Top 5 Gold Making Tips From Hunter Mastery

5. Hunters are the best gather for mining and herbs. One reason pets. While mages, unholy death knights and warlocks have pets, hunters have more pet control.

4. Leather working is the best profession. Why the PvP gear alone will sell every patch plus hardly anyone uses it. Leveling gear and transmog gear are good money makers and takes less time to craft.

3. Selling low-level gear and items to leveler with low gold equals max profit. Why sell something for a crap load of gold target at leveler if they’ll never have the gold to buy it.

2. Spend one hour gold making and three hours playing per week. The less time you spend trying to make gold the more you’ll make. It works trust me.

1. Always need if you’re an enchanter and only if your on that character. You can make mad gold by Disenchanting the mats and selling then.

Those are my top 5 Gold Making tips I have for you today, I would like to hear what your gold making tips are. Leave me a comment, give me your blog’s link I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.