Hunter Project

The Hunter Project is an ongoing project I’ve started where I’m going to level a hunter of every Alliance race. Along with that a number of support classes to aid my hunter army of alts in gold making. Each hunter (other than my main) will have Alchemy and one of the crafting professions. level in a new way, to level without having to rush to the end of the game only to find out that you get bored and end up leaving. Leveling should be fun, when you login you should be having fun and not a job.

Along them will be my Shaman, my Paladin, my Death Knight and coming soon, the new Monk class. Each of them will aid my hunters as it comes to gathering, transmog and bank space. Currently the chart below outlines each character’s class, race, level and professions.

The following crosse out sections was the older Hunter Project, this page is being used as an archive of that project which I would say ultimately failed due to lack of time and I’m sure at this point someone will do it or if it hasn’t already been done.

I’m going to be creating a new section for my new Hunter Projects using this page as a landing page for them. I’ll keep you updates about the projects as they come.

[su_heading size="18"]Hunter Project Listings[/su_heading]
Hunter Project
For the HordeHitting the Gold Cap

If you have any ideas or questions about the Hunter Project, please e-mail me or you can send me a tweet @HunterMastery

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