Transmog Friday: Blue Shift

Hello everyone and welcome to another entry into the ever-growing Hunter Transmog Friday! Today I have a new transmogrification sets to share with you. This awesome set is from The Godmother who is a new following around here at Hunter Mastery. You can find more about the Godmother over at her blog ALT. You can also follow her on twitter @AlternativeChat.

So what do we have to feature this week? Well we have two awesome looking sets. First up on the list is the Blue Shift. This is a pretty simply set, it’s a very nice overtone of blue with black. Not really too blue for me and it’s just the right balance. You can read her blog post about how she went about to collect the set on her blog.

blueshift Transmog Friday: Blue Shift

Blue Shift

Head: N/A
Shoulders: Blue Dragonscale Shoulders
Cloak: Ebonhold Cloak
Chest: Icy Scale Chestguard
Wrist: N/A
Gloves: Defender’s Gauntlets
Waist: Icy Scale Belt
Leggings: Bloodsail Legguards
Boots: Nexus Strider Greaves
Weapon: Bata Staff
Range: Nesingwary 4000

Overall I think the set is pretty nice. I haven’t seen any sets for hunters using the Icy Scale set yet. So finally seeing one looking pretty awesome. I was unable to find the wowhead page for Bloodsail Legguards. maybe that was a typo on Godmothers part. I’m sure she’ll post here and let me know as well as an armory link.

Don’t forget that you can contact me using our contact form and submit your transmog set for your hunter and get featured here on Transmog Friday!

Finally my twitter shout outs for the week. These are people who have posted on the blog that I’m following, who have retweeted my posts and just overall are awesome people to follow on twitter. You really have helped HunterMastery grow into what it is today.

Twitter Shoutouts

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Again to everyone who has Re-Tweeted any of my posts, and interacted with me on Twitter the last week. Thank you very much for making HunterMastery as big as it has gotten in just a short week’s time.

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